Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm always so jealous of these bloggers whose jaw-droppingly handsome husbands (who happen to double as graphic designers for their incredible website) also take stunningly lovely photos for said bloggers. I'm not married, and I do have quite a handsome boyfriend, who loves me very much, but who is not the most patient in the world. At the maximum, I can convince Matthew to take 75 photos for me, as long as the entire process takes under 25 minutes. And he has no patience for my 'creative directing', or for my demands to 'be creative!'. Rather, our 'photo shoot', goes something like this:

Me: Do I look ok? Is the backdrop nice? Make sure you use the 2/3 rule. Don't get my feet in the picture. More dress, less background please. Thank you....darling.
Matthew: Yeah
*I pose*
*click, click, click of the camera*
Me: Any wrinkles? Are the bows even? Does my hair look weird in the back?
Matthew: It looks fine
*I pose*
*click, click, click of the camera*
Matthew: Move around. You look awkward.
*I attempt to move*
*click, click, click of the camera*
Matthew: Looks great. Can I go inside now?
Me: (With a hint of sadness in my voice, hoping it will convince him to take just a few more photos) Yeah, it's fine, I guess. 

You get the point. Anyway, here's my shout out to Matthew. Thank you for being such a good photographer my love! You're patience is greatly appreciated by me and my few loyal followers, and you take excellent photos.


Here's the second piece I made for The Tin Thimble's fashion show. It's a vintage pattern, Simplicity 6409 to be exact, and new Lotta Jansdotter fabric. I lined the bodice and finished all the seams with bias tape and flat-fell seams. I think the bows, faux sweetheart neckline and sweet shape make it just girlie enough to satisfy me, but the neutral color print and practicality tone it down to make it something I will wear quite often.


  1. Very pretty! Girly but not too sweet-sweet

    1. Thank you Jane, That's pretty much exactly what I was going for. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I'm happy my son was able to help you out Hannah. You both did a great job.